T Muir


Tommy Muir is a photographer and multimedia sports journalist. His photography journey started as a hobby in one of his classes at Temple University. He soon realized that he was very passionate about his work, and quite talented at it as well. Tommy has shot for several local sports teams and leagues, as well as Philadelphia Sports Digest and Philadelphia Sports Nation. In 2022, Tommy began shooting for Temple’s division one sports teams. His work is not limited to just sports photography however. He has done events, product shoots, graduation shoots, and whatever else he can get a camera in front of. Tommy wanted a simple website that would help him establish his personal brand and help him organize his bookings all on one platform.

It’s always a great experience working on a project with a friend. We both share a passion for photography, and even though he is leagues better at it than I am, I find that we are both able to teach each other things. Tommy plans to open his online store in 2023, so I will definitely be revisiting this project, and I cannot wait to help him develop further.



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