Firsthand Solutions was the original name of my freelance website design business. In the summer of 2020 I switched its name to Firsthand and made it into my personal company for creative projects and other business. I wanted to be able to display the brand in an authentic way, and one that did not come off as too serious.

This was one of the most challenging projects that I’ve worked on for two reasons. First, I had only myself to please, so I found myself in design paralysis multiple times during the creation process. Secondly, the caliber of website that I wanted to have vs. the caliber of website that I was able to make at the time was skewed. In lieu of this I learned a lot of CSS, and struggled with the challenges of making objects in fixed positions responsive. Two years later, I am happy with what became of the project. To me it represents my initial goals and dreams as an entrepreneur.



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