Blitz Tutors


Blitz Tutors is an SAT tutoring company located outside of Philadelphia. Blitz wanted a website that conveyed their mission in a professional and modern style. The company also wanted an easier way for their potential customers to be able to reach out to them to get information. Most importantly, Blitz sought to display their pricing and testimonials in a clear and concise fashion, as neither existed on their previous website.

The current version of this website is the second edition of it. Blitz was my very first client that I took up in my junior year of high school. The first version was decent, but after a year of growth and learning to better develop I redesigned the whole thing. I worked along side Blitz to create the black and yellow concept, and it turned out to fit perfectly with the brand. Thank you Mr. Beck for the SAT tutoring and for trusting me with your website as my first.



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