Anjali Popli


Anjali Popli is a student at Temple University with a very colorful resume. Anjali was looking for a simple yet vibrant website to display to employers, professionals, and peers alike. The site features one page with multiple anchor points to help visitors navigate Anjali’s page. She wanted her social links to be visible yet unobtrusive to users no matter where they are on the site.

Anjali is a good friend of mine at Temple. This site is a complete overhaul and fully fleshed out version of my "Personal Space" project that I made back with Firsthand in 2020. It took a few years, but the project finally was able to make it off the shelf! I think that it is best suited for students like Anjali who are heavily involved and engage in many extra-curricular opportunities, but it can work for just about anyone who needs it.



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